Tarot & Astrology

I have been studying and doing Tarot for over 2 years and definitely have the gift to help you clarify things in your life. If you have questions about life or love and need guidance, please contact me and we can schedule a personal reading for you.  We can do it over the phone, Skype, FaceTime, or any other method you would like.  You will receive a photo of your tarot cards, as well as a document containing all of the descriptions and meanings your tarot cards behold as well as an audio file of your personal reading.

If you are interested in receiving an astrology reading, my cousin Christian Klausner is a gifted astrologer and can provide you with a “mini astrology reading”, a PDF 2-3 page personalized astrological reading of your birth chart or you can also book a 1-hour birth chart reading over Skype, including a full break down and intuitive interpretation of the chart and it’s components, a live demonstration of your chart wheel and how it works, as well as a written analysis of your planets. It’s focused on your chart as an expression of your inner self, a blueprint of your personality.


One thought on “Tarot & Astrology

  1. This was my first ever tarot reading and I do admit I was skeptical. However, I went into it with an open mind. I didnt reveal anything that was going on in my life and yet Kalani picked up on it and was able to offer some clarity and reassurance that my life wasnt in absolute shambles. These past few months have been rather trying and this reading was what I needed to kind of get myself thinking a little more positively. Thanks Kalani!

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