Creating jewelry has been a passion of mine for a few years now and I find myself trying to learn different techniques of wire wrapping, exploring new materials, and looking for inspiration through nature and travel.

My jewelry journey began in Maui, Hawaii in 2011.  At first it started out as a hobby.  I would go to the beach and dive for shells because I loved collecting them and then I learned how to use wire and wrap the shells and sea glass, creating necklace pendants, rings, earrings, and bangles.  As I continued this hobby, it quickly became a passion/business where I could make some extra income by sharing my gift of jewelry making.  I have not looked back since and during this transformational period in my life, I will continue to pursue this passion for making beautiful creations out of shells, rocks, and precious metals.

I have an ETSY shop Island Mountain Gems where you can look at my current inventory.

If you’d like to create a “Kalani Custom”, contact me and we can discuss your awesome ideas.

Much love and aloha!


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