Back To Murphy, North Carolina

After a week in Charleston, South Carolina we decided to go back to Murphy, North Carolina (about a 6.5 hour drive) to visit with my parents again and so we could get Appa’s windshield wiper’s fixed, change out the corroding battery cables and also change out the relay that connects the starter to the battery.  My stepfather Robert is an amazing handy man and mechanic and I learned a lot from him by just observing and assisting in any way I could.  It took us most of the day to fix it, but we still had enough time to get the boat in the water and do some fishing before sun down.  At this time of the year the sun goes down completely around 9PM, which gave us about 2 hours of fishing time.

As we trolled around the lake hitting all of the banks, we found a nearby cove where the fish were biting like crazy!  I was using a minnow lure that I had given to my stepfather Robert for his birthday coming up on June 13th.  I call it the “catfish” because I was able to catch 2 catfish within 10-15 minutes.  The first one I caught was the biggest measuring in at about 20 inches long and the second was about 16 inches long.  It’s such a rewarding feeling when you can catch your own dinner, prepare it, and then eat it.  I wanted to make fish tacos, so I made some catfish tacos and they were incredibly tasty! I baked them, although I could have fried them.  I think I made the right choice.

We stayed for 2 nights and each night we had an amazing bonfire, which is a ritual when I’m staying there.  It’s a beautiful feeling to sit on a bench on my parent’s grassy lawn which borders a beautiful national forest.  They have 3 acres behind their house which borders this forest and I honestly believe they were sent there to help protect and take care of this land.  They found a gem of a spot and many angels are watching their home.  Fireflies surround the property at night and it’s amazing how their butts look like their on fire when they light up.

Once again, we had an incredible time at my parents house and I can’t wait to return one day.  I’m honestly going to pursue a professional career in fishing when I return and can’t wait to catch the next bass fish state record, which was caught in the lake next to my parents house.  It’s called lake “Hiwassee” and the current record is a bass caught back in 2012 by a kid named Tyler.  The bass weighed in at 66 lbs 1 oz.  I want to catch a bass that weighs 77 lbs 7 oz., and hold that title for a while.  I’m totally trying to manifest right now and who knows what will happen in the future.  A man can dream though!

After Murphy, NC we decided to make our way up towards New York.  Our first stop was a 1 nighter in Charleston, West Virginia after a 6 hour drive.  We then drove another 6.5 hours up to Ocean City, New Jersey where we would be spending a night at a friend’s house.  Donna Samango, we can’t thank you enough for your hospitality and for sharing your home with us.  We enjoyed your company very much and we wish you nothing but blessings!

New Jersey blog coming up next!  Stay tuned!



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