St. Petersburg & Clearwater, Florida

We arrived in St. Petersburg, FL on Friday May 19th and were lucky enough to stay with Jess who is a big part of Elliot Hulse’s Grounding Team!  She is such an inspiration and a warrior goddess.  We enjoyed our stay as we got to explore St. Petersburg, dance at a cool night club, go to the beach for sunset, visit Sawgrass park, practiced our climbing skills at a rock climbing gym and also got a glimpse of Strength Camp.  It kicked our butts and we loved it!

Much love and aloha to the Hulse family as we had the opportunity to visit their beautiful home in Clearwater.  Adam and Christian played music for them, which was a preview/taste of what the music will sound like at the next grounding camp coming up in New York on June 9th-11th.  I was also fortunate enough to give Elliott and his wife Colleen an Oracle card reading, which gave them much clarity and guidance.  Simone, their daughter (7 years old) is so amazing and she took a strong interest in my ukulele.  I have a feeling she will be learning more and playing one soon! We will be picking up our brother (violinist) Jett Hagerty in Albany, New York in a couple days and couldn’t be more stoked for him to join us for Grounding Camp and for the journey up to Maine to record.

After Florida, we headed up to Charleston, South Carolina to meet up with our video tech Sara Dungo.  It was also an opportunity to explore some Southern hospitality culture and history.


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