Charleston, South Carolina

We made it to Charleston, South Carolina after we ran into a rainstorm in Jacksonville, Florida.  As we were driving through Jacksonville, Appa’s windshield wipers stopped working.  We decided to stop off on the next exit and luckily there was a Pilot gas station/trucker stop right there for us.  We parked Appa in the back, kind of hidden from everything and I used the internet to check out the weather conditions.  There was a gap of no rain from 5am-9am, so we decided to test our luck and make it up to Charleston.  We did it!!

We were in Charleston for about a week and it was truly amazing!  The people were very friendly and I was able to learn a lot about the history and culture of the town.  There is a lot of war history, pirate history, and just a pure sense of Southern hospitality.  I was also able to check out some really cool hotels in the area.  I think my favorite was the Wyndham Grand Hotel which was built back in 1853.  It caught on fire once and was one of the only standing buildings after the fire because the slaves in the hotel were smart and slapped wet blankets and sheets on the side of the building from all of the windows.  This kept it from burning down completely!  Just amazing! I went to the bar to have a couple of craft cocktails and talked with Roger the bartender for about an hour. He gave me a great history lesson and more suggestions for craft cocktails.

The music scene was incredible and we were fortunate to be there while “Spelato” was going on.  Basically, they bring in bands and musicians from around the world to perform for a few days.  Maybe we will be able to attend that next year or possibly play in it?! I carried my ukulele with me all around town and people kept asking me “What unit are you in?” and I stated “Umm, not really sure but me and my cousins are on tour and have a band named Claybourne”.  Great way of letting people know of who we were and so they could check out some great music online.  I also had the courage to busk by the waterfront, next to a beautiful fountain where a lot of people like going for the sunset.  I played my ukulele for about 30 minutes and made $20!  I was stoked and very grateful for the opportunity. We went to Sullivan’s Island one day to do some recording for music videos and got a lot accomplished! Can’t wait to do more when we get up to Maine!

I met a beautiful girl named Tay in Charleston at a gemstone and crystal gift shop.  She was kind enough to show me around and teach me about her hometown.  Tay you are awesome and I can’t wait to see what happens in your future.  Keep up with your guitar and Tarot cards.  You’re an awesome person, but even more awesome spiritual being! She introduced me to many of her friends and we even had the opportunity to go night fishing on Turkey creek. Michael Ray was kind enough to lend me a pole to give it a try. We used sausage as bait because we didn’t have anything else and unfortunately didn’t catch anything, but it still had a awesome time!

Sara, Danielle and Drew thank you for all of your hospitality in West Ashley.  We had a blast hanging out and I love all of your beautiful artwork.  Sara and Danielle sell artwork and paintings at the night market in downtown Charleston on the weekends.  The night market is filled with all types of vendors including jewelry, paintings, pottery, coffee.  All kinds of crafts! One day we went to the beach at Sullivan’s Island and I was able to collect a bunch of new shells for the collection and for jewelry. I’m stoked!

We will be back for you Charleston, South Carolina!

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