Hickory & Asheville, NC

We had a wonderful stay in Hickory, North Carolina where Christian Adam and I reunited with Boone and Luke, who we met on the dragon fruit farm back in Maui.

We met Boone’s mom and dad.  They were so loving and their hospitality was so gracious. We’d like to thank them for everything and wish them nothing but prosperity and good health for the future.

On the second day we went to Asheville, North Carolina to check out the town and see what it had to offer.  We parked the car in a paid parking garage and as we were contemplating jaywalking across the street to get to a store we want to go to, we realized there was a cop by us and didn’t want to chance it.  We decided to walk up the street and take the crosswalk.  As we crossed the street, a car turning around the corner started honking at us. I was like “wow, I’m just crossing the street. Give me a break!” And then come to find out it was Matt and Briana who we had also met on the Dragon Fruit farm in Maui. It was literally a reunion and such an amazing feeling to see them again as we thought they were on the West coast.

They parked their car and met back up with us. Matt and Briana stated they were moving to Asheville and it would be their “hub” as they travel around the US and world.  We are beyond excited for them and can’t wait to meet up again.

Hickory is also a cool little town in North Carolina.  Boone and Luke were able to give us the grand tour.  We stopped by a cool cafĂ© to pick up some coffee and I met a woman named “Dotty” who was holding a Hawaiian magazine from the Big Island. We talked, and she explained that she had lived on the big Island for many years. However, Hickory was her hometown and would like to return to Hawaii one day to visit.  I told her that one day she will and she will have an amazing time.  

Boone also introduced us to his friend Shaq.  Shaq was at work watering flowers and couldn’t wait to go to Maui with Boone. You could see it in his eyes and feel it is in his heart.  They’re returning to Maui this summer and are going back to the Dragon Fruit farm.  I’m so excited for them and I know they’re going to be creating memories for a lifetime.

Boone is a great entrepreneur!   He has created a mead beer that is going to shock the world. I can’t wait to see his product in thousands of stores across the world and would be honored to be a part of his creation in anyway that I can help.  We have currently been brainstorming a lot of ideas together and I truly feel that we will be business partners in the future. We can do this Boone! I know it.

Gifts were exchanged as we connected with one another. I received a smoky quartz from both Boone and his father and I’m forever grateful for these gifts.  I will cherish them!  I gave a piece of jewelry to Boone’s mother and I also placed a piece of rose quartz crystal and an agate in both Boone’s sister’s room and his.  I know that it will bring them great motivation and spiritual strength.  

Boone gave me a clean up shave and trim for my beard after I got it trimmed in Asheville and I’d say that Boone is definitely multi talented. He made me look super sharp!

As we departed North Carolina, we reflected on the great memories and we’re so grateful for everything. Our next journey was on to St. Petersburg Florida where we would meet a true mentor for life and create many magical experiences.

Mahalo for reading and stay tuned for my next blog about St. Petersburg, Florida. I have been quite busy lately and haven’t been posting much, but I do have some time now so I’ll be sharing much more soon! 

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