Mother’s Day in Murphy, North Carolina

We arrived to Murphy North Carolina on Friday May 12th, around 8PM after a 4.5 hour drive from Nashville, TN.  My mom thought we were arriving on Saturday, but I called my stepfather Robert and let him know that I wanted to surprise her on Friday.  When we showed up to the house after about a 20 minute drive from the town of Murphy, NC.  It was the last house on the right before you get to the end of the road and also an entryway into lake Hiwassee.  Their backyard is literally a national forest that runs along 3 acres of their land.  It’s beautifully stunning, almost as if you are in a fairy tale.  Robert came out to greet us when we arrived and my mom had no idea we were there yet.  We parked Appa on their trailer pad, which has an electrical hookup and everything.  We don’t need to use it as we are staying in the house and giving Appa a break.  He looks so perfect where he is parked.  It’s awesome!  My mom came out of the house surprised and with a smile on her face.  We hugged for a long time and soaked in the love.  It felt great to be able to visit my mother on mother’s day weekend, especially because we are traveling across the country and sporadically visiting places.  The timing was divine and I couldn’t be happier.  We all walked down to the lake for sunset and then went back to the house for dinner.

The next day we woke up and just enjoyed the beauty surrounding us.  The plan was to get the 12′ aluminum boat in the water and take her out for a spin as my parents just got the title and necessary stickers for it.  The gas motor was in the shop, so Robert bought an electric trolling motor and new battery.  We loaded the boat into Robert’s newly lifted  and modified 2000 Ford F-250 and all of the fishing gear into the boat and headed about 20 seconds down the road to the lake.  We loaded her into the water and brought it to the dock.  Christian, Adam and I then got into the boat like 3 pirates going to find some booty!  We boarded our new pirate ship and set sail.  Our first stop was about 100 yards away from the dock.  We let the anchor sink and began to fish.  We were doing the whipping technique with some really cool luers.  After about 15 minutes of fishing in this spot we decided to pull up the anchor and go adventure some more.  As Christian tried to pull up the anchor, it wouldn’t budge and it was stuck.  Both Adam and I tried to pull it up also and we failed.  I decided that I was going to jump into the lake and try to dive down to get this anchor.  After I jumped in, I quickly realized how cold the water was and that there was no way I was going to dive down and get this anchor.  I immediately hopped back into the boat and then we decided to cut the rope with a knife and cut our losses.  Robert said to bring the boat back, but he didn’t say anything about the anchor.  We quickly motored our way around the island and then decided to turn off the engine and just float and fish.  After about an hour of cruising and fishing, we let the wind current take us back to the dock.

After our adventure in the lake we decided to take it easy by the house, so my mom had me help her plant some lavender around the yard and showed me what else was growing around the property.  I want to get a baby tree to plant so I can watch it grow over the years to come.  I’m thinking a nice pine tree or something big, but we shall see.  My mom wants to get some fruit trees so they can have a little orchard.  They already have a grape vine, blackberry, and raspberry bushes.  I believe they want a peach, plum, and apple tree soon.  As we were walking around I said that a nice fire pit would be nice for night time.  My mom said that they had one in the garage, still in the box from when she won it as a prize giveaway when she was working in Missouri.  They have been carrying around this brand new fire pit from Missouri to Florida and now from Florida to North Carolina.  I guess this fire pit finally found its home.  Robert busted it out from the garage and we began to build it.  After I opened the boxes, we realized that this fire pit was really nice and had a copper bottom and cage for the top.  We placed it on their lawn right in front of their house and pretty close to Appa.  There is a nice bench that sits between the trees and we added some chairs to surround it.  Robert and I then went to the forest to cut some wood and prepare for a fire that night.

It was a Saturday night and there is a Harrah’s Cherokee Casino not too far away, so as my parents wanted to go to Walmart, they dropped me off so I could test out my luck.  I went into the casino and it was just like I was back in Las Vegas or Reno.  They had all of the table games and lots of slot machines.  I stood in line for about 20 minutes to get my players rewards card and they also gave me $50 in free slot play.  I went straight to the penny slots and found a slot machince called the “Mermaid Fantasy”.  I quickly lost all of the $50 free play and then moved on over to the Craps video machine because all of the regular craps tables were full to the max, plus their minimum bet was $15!  I put in $40 and I came out with $113 after about 1 hour on the machine.  I cashed out and then headed over to the real craps table.  I played for all of about 2 minutes and then my parents showed up and surprised me at the table.  I then grabbed my chips and went straight to the roullette table and put $30 on black.  I lost and then I went to the cashiers cage to cash out.  I came out a winner and that’s all that matters.  When we got back to the house, we made the fire and tested out this brand new fire pit.  It worked like a charm and provided much warmth for the night. 

The next day we woke up and planned on going to the flea market for Mother’s Day.  The first place we stopped was on the side of the road going north from Murphy and I was able to score an awesome old tackle box full with leaders, lures, hooks, etc.  It has all I need and it’s identical to the tackle box my stepdad Robert owns and he got his when he was little. Pretty awesome! I also scored a sweet fishing pole for $15 and it has a Shakespeare reel on it which is quality! After that we ventured on down to the bigger flea market and that is where I scored some awesome retro cameras 🎥 and gear.  I traded an agate and $30 for a Canon T70 and a bag full of extra canon lenses.  I also found an old 1970’s Polaroid land camera that I purchased for $5. This is the land of some great deals. I will be back for sure! The retro camera collection is in full effect now.

For Mother’s Day I gave my mom a Young Living essential oil diffuser, a bunch of different oils, a Tahitian pearl pendant and blue sea glass pendant.  She was stoked and I enjoy watching her use the different oils and research what they help with.  

The next couple of days we just took it easy at the house and I fished, fished, and then fished some more. I’ve decided that when I get back to North Carolina, I want to be a pro bass fisherman and save up to get a really nice boat and some more fishing gear.  The lake is just so beautifully stunning, it almost feels like you are in a dream.  I can’t wait to return! I also got my North Carolina drivers license so I can get my resident fishing license. I’m really liking my first bearded photo on a license! 

 We had a great week in Murphy, NC visiting with my parents and they are honestly living a great life and they love it! I’m really proud of them for getting to this point in their lives and I’d like to spend a lot more time with them moving forward.  My mother is very beautiful and has a way with plants and nature itself. Christian was able to capture some footage of my mom getting a butterfly to land on her finger.  She’s the butterfly whisperer! It shows me how much my mom is open to spirit and the connection she has to magical creatures like the butterfly. I love you mom!

On Wednesday afternoon, we said our see ya soon and then headed off to meet our long lost brothers Boone and Luke in Hickory which is located about 3.5 hours away from my parents house.  I’d like to thank my parents for a great stay and all of their love and kindensss! We love you very much.

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