Nashville, Tennessee

After a 7.5 hour drive from Chicago, we finally made it to Nashville, TN around 11:30 PM.  We arrived in South Nashville, where one of Christian’s best friends lives.  His name is Ryan.  We crashed for the night and prepared for our big adventure in Nashville, TN.

Ryan’s friend Kevin needed help moving his stuff from his apartment into his storage unit because he is going on a journey through the Grand Canyon this summer.  After helping his friend Kevin, they needed to drop off the moving van, so we decided to go to a really cool tea/kava shop called “High Garden”.  At the high garden we had some Kava Kava for $2.50 mixed with honey and cinnamon.  It was divine!  As we were sitting and chatting over some Kava, I found some awesome new Tarot cards with spirit animals.  I can’t wait to start incorporating them into my readings.  After High Garden, we went to eat lunch at the “Wild Cow”, which is a vegan/vegetarian restaurant/cafe.  It was really good!  We ordered 2 appetizers and then our entrees.  I had the lentil soup with brown rice and vegetables.  The meal was delicious and then we left for more adventure.

Ryan took us around the city of Nashville and showed us some cool spots.  In the afternoon, he had to meet up with his band for a podcast and dropped us off on 8th street so we could explore.  We ended up walking to 12th Street South.  It was a really good walk!  We ended up at the Turnip Truck which is a health foods/grocery store.  Ryan picked us up from there and then we met up with his bandmates for a burger at Five Guys.

Their band name is “Waker” and they all live in Nashville, TN and tour to play different gigs around the country.  We have been telling them they should think about coming to the west coast to do a tour.  It would be awesome to get some of their music on the West coast.  Really exciting things are happening for Waker as the 7 of them have cultivated a wonderful and masterful band.  They each bring a unique attribute to the table which makes their style superb.  Ryan plays the bass, but it has been fun doing ukulele jams!  He has a couple or really nice ukuleles.  One is made by Lanikai and it is a solid six string, with a unique sound.  The other is made by Cordoba and has a really thick rich sound.  I can’t wait to find a good Cordoba to purchase one day.  I want to do my research and make sure it is the right one for me.

After a burger from Five Guys, we grabbed our instruments and headed for the lake!  It was a Pisces full moon and it was a beautiful night.  As the moon shined upon us, we played beautiful music to feed our souls and for the nature/spirit around us.  We played until about 1AM in the morning and then decided to head home for the night.  Ryan had to be up early and go to the Sound Emporium in Nashville, TN to do some recording before Waker heads out for some concerts in North Carolina and other surrounding states.

Christian and I are currently sitting in the lobby of the Sound Emporium, soaking up some wi-fi and getting some business done as Adam watches Waker record and practice.  Some great musicians have set foot in this building such as Kenny Chesney, Taylor Swift, Alabama Shakes, Willie Nelson, and many many more!  It is an honor to be in such a place and I can feel the great music energy around me.  It’s amazing and really inspiring! A lot of big things are happening this year and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for the future.

Mahalo for reading and I’ll be sure to keep all of you posted on our next adventures.  We will be in Nashville, TN until Friday and then we will make our way to Murphy, North Carolina to see my mom for Mother’s Day.  I haven’t seen her in a while, so I’m really excited about that.  The drive will be about 3.5 hours, so it’s not bad at all.  I hope everyone is having a great day!  Yah bless!


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