Chicago, Illinois

We made it to Chicago, Illinois on Sunday May 7th around 8:30PM and drove to a friend’s house who lives really close to the city.  Our buddy gave us the grand tour of the city and we couldn’t be more grateful for his kind hospitality.  I can’t wait for the day where we can return the Aloha in California or Hawaii.

The first night we got settled in and went out for a tour of the city lights down near Shedd Aquarium and the White Sox Stadium.  There really are some magnificent buildings and structures in this city.  It’s amazing!  There is so much discover here that I will definitely need to come back.  With all of the museums, shows, music, sports, and hustle going on, you will never be bored and there is always something to do.

We stopped by an awesome pizza place called Freddi’s.  It had a cool neon sign on the outside and also a cool classic car sitting right next to it. I got a slice of pepperoni and it was really good!  I love pepperoni pizza, so I was excited to try out some of the best deep dish.  After the pizza stop we went back to our friend’s place and crashed for the night.

The next day, we woke up and decided to head down to the city so we could meet up with another friend, check out his crazy awesome view from his condo and then go for a walk around the city.  From this condo, you can see the entire city!  You can see Trump Tower, Sears Tower, everything.  It’s really really nice! On our walk around the city, we checked out multiple spots and even got to see the House of Blues which I can see us playing in one day when we tour through the city again.  That evening, we took it easy and ordered some delivery Lou Malnatis pizza which was divine!  Lou Malnatis is a Chicago favorite and I can’t wait to get some more in the future.

We are planning on leaving Chicago today and will head down to Nashville, Tennessee.   It will take us about 9 hours to drive to Nashville, but it should be amazing and we will be meeting up with one of Christian’s best friends from Placerville.  They actually played in their first band together called “Crimson Sky” and I remember going to some of their performances when I would visit California on vacation from Hawaii.  Claybourne should be able to play a lot of music in Nashville as it is a major music hub.  I’m also debating if I should get a beard trim in Tennessee.  We shall see!

I gave my friend Jessica (lives in Maui) a tarot reading yesterday to help her confirm some things and get clarity.  If you would like a tarot reading or would like to connect please enter your information in the “Contact” tab or you can e-mail me at  I hope you are having a wonderful day and thank you for reading my blog.  I really appreciate it!  We have officially reached our midway point on our tour and are very excited!  Lots more to come.

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