Eau Claire, Wisconsin

We made it to Eau Claire, Wisconsin yesterday Friday May 5th on cinco de mayo.      It took us about 2 hours to drive and we headed straight to Planet Fitness to workout, get a hydro massage, and take a nice hot shower. I still love the fact that we have Planet Fitness memberships and there are over 13,000 locations country wide.

After we freshened up, the adventure to search for Bon Iver was in effect.  Bon Iver has been a huge musical inspiration to Adam and wanted to try to meet him and chat over some beers about our journey to Maine.  We went in search of April Base without any address but knew what general area it was in. Adam and Christian used their intuition and they found it! I had been taking a nap and manifesting that we find it at the same time.  

When we arrived, we stepped up to the door with a 6 pack of Sierra Nevadas and not knowing what to expect. We rang the doorbell and a gentlemen with a nice accent answered the door. He stated “oh you guys must know Jacob already, come on in!” We all looked at each other and answered, “actually we don’t” and then a woman came to the door to inquire why we were there. We told her “we’ve come from California on a road trip to Maine in hopes to meet Justin.”  She closed the door for a few seconds and then came back and told us “I’m sorry, Justin isn’t hanging out right now.” We said “ok thank you for your time and sorry for coming uninvited” and we went on our way. About 100 yards from his driveway we stopped. We decided that we couldn’t come all of this way without leaving him a letter or something. Christian wrote the letter and we folded it up with a business card. Christian and Adam walked back to the house and put the letter under the 6 pack of beer right in front of the door.  We shall see what happens…

We then decided to go explore the town and wanted to see the movie “split” at the local theatre.  We checked out a cool record store and then I yelped cool cafes here and the #1 spot was ECDC or Eau Claire Downtown Coffee.  It looked like a fancy restaurant from the outside. As we walked in, we were kindly greeted by 2 baristas.  “Shirtless” Phil (local legend) and Emily “Rose” became instant friends.  Phil invited us over for a bonfire and some drinks after he got off work at 11PM.  We watched “Split” and then waited for Phil to get off and we headed over to his sister’s place which he was house sitting while they were away in Colorado. 

We entered a magical ferry land with a slack line, trampoline, Lyra sphere, and beautiful lawn with a bonfire pit setup.  Adam brought out his guitar and played a few songs in repayment of letting us be in this amazing place with such divine timing.  

Phil is also a reiki master and I then realized that this was all happening for a reason as my mentor Shannon had told me reiki would be my next tool to learn. Within 10 minutes I learned how to control “chi” and use it to help balance myself.  I will be studying more about reiki and would love to get my certification to become a reiki master one day.  I believe this is my next step in my spiritual education and it fits so nicely with my tarot readings.  

We planned on staying up so we could make it to “the top of the world” for sunrise but we knocked out at 3:30am and didn’t wake up until about 10:00am.  I’ll take the rest because we definitely needed it.  Phil made us really good coffee in the morning as Adam played on the slack line and I jumped on the trampoline.  “Shiloh” Phil’s dog (German Shepard – Wolf) is amazing and so smart!  He loves to play and has such a wonderful animal spirit. We ended up going to “the top of the world” which was a great hike and then we crossed through a park where a lot of guys were playing disc golf or “frolf” (frisbee golf).  We then went to one of the coolest head shops in the world called “truckers”! It’s been there since the 1970’s and is the oldest head shop in Wisconsin. After that we went to Betty’s to grab some grub.  I had the pork tacos with mango salsa and tots on the side. It was delicious!

Now we are back at ECDC soaking up wifi and enjoying some coffee.  We decided to stay an extra day in Eau Claire because of the beauty and the awesome people.  We will definitely be back here to spend some quality time and discover all of Eau Claire. Tonight we will be doing another bonfire! Tomorrow we are off to Chicago, Illinois and will be meeting up with a friend of Christian and Adam’s.  He will be giving us the grand tour of the Windy City!

Also, I have been doing multiple tarot readings lately as I’ve been majorly tapped in with higher spirit and have the ability to give a lot of people clarity in their lives.  Please connect with me if you are interested in doing a reading. I’d love to help you in any way that I can. 

Much love and aloha!

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