Mushrooms in Minneapolis, Minnesota

After a long 9 hour drive from Colorado, we finally made it to Minneapolis, Minnesota on Tuesday May 2nd around 9PM.  On our journey across South Dakota and through the Bad Lands, we decided to stop by “Wall Drug” because we were curious as to what this place is after seeing about a 100 marketing signs saying things like “$.05 coffee” and “Free Coffee and Donuts for Honeymooners!”.  The town of Wall is really small and it seems like “Wall Drug” is definitely the highlight.  They had all types of souvenirs and jewelry and pretty much everything else you can think of, but I was able to score 42 nice white envelopes for $1 and a jar of honey for $1.  These items were in the sale section and yes I’m definitely a thrifter.  Anytime I can get a deal on something, I usually jump at the opportunity.  After going to Wall Drug, we realized there were many other supply and craft/jewelry stores connected to it.  We had to get out of there before we ended up spending the whole day there.  It was dangerous!

A good buddy of mine named Chase is from Minneapolis, Minnesota and I had met him 7 years ago when I first moved to Maui and started working at the Sheraton Maui in Ka’anapali.  He generously invited us to where he is currently living, which is his best friend Kyle’s house.  It was great to see these 2 awesome gentlemen and also great to meet Alyssa, Kyle’s girlfriend and Joshua their roommate. Oh yeah and we can’t forget Brodi, Kyle and Alyssa’s dog. He’s such a great dog! He literally sits at the table in a chair and behaves himself.  The house was located close to Lake Lucy in Minnetonka and the neighborhood was very peaceful and quiet each night.  Apparently a lot of Minnesota Vikings players live in this neighborhood too!

We decided to have a nice little bonfire, some music, and some cocktails. The plan for the next day was to go out into the forest and forage for some morel mushrooms which are in season right now and are only in season in this area for the next few weeks.  Time is of the essence! The next morning we went to a really good spot next to a river where there were numerous amounts of morel mushrooms.  We collected about 1 pound between the 4 of us and went back to the house to cook em up.  I usually don’t like mushrooms, but Morel mushrooms are a different story! If you cook up these mushrooms just right and apply some butter and seasoning, it tastes incredible!  Mahalo to Nate for showing us some cool morel mushrooms spots. We scored!

There is so much musical magic here in Minneapolis and little did we know that Prince lived in this same area and his main residence was about a few miles down the road from where we were staying.  You could feel Prince’s spirit and energy all throughout this place. It’s a pretty cool feeling with a hint of purple! So much good music vibes here in Minnesota.

I’ve also been learning a lot about agates and other rock forms as my friend Chase dabbles in the agate market.  Little did I know how rare and valuable agates can be!  I am a crystal child, so I’m automatically drawn to crystals and rocks which is perfect.  I’d really like to come back to Minnesota so I can agate hunt with Chase.  It will happen!!  Then in the winter time we will go back to Maui and hunt for sunrise and moonrise shells!  

On our last day in Minnesota, we picked more mushrooms, took a ride around the city and then went back to he house for a final bonfire.  The hospitality was amazing and I will be back to visit again, just not when it’s really cold which is like 5 months of the year.

Next stop is Eau Clair, Wisconsin! Thank you for reading and please let me know if you have any questions or would like to connect. 

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