Rapid City, South Dakota

We made it to Rapid City, South Dakota at 9:00PM on Saturday, April 29th.  Since Planet Fitness was closed already we decided to try to find a good place to park for the night.  We were able to find a parking lot right behind this little casino called “The Four Queens”.  As Adam and Christian were inside Appa watching Avatar, I decided to test my luck on some video poker.  After about and hour I came out with $10!  Better than nothing and definitely better than losing.  I went back to Appa and we decided to watch Star Wars Rogue One before going to bed.

We woke up around 10AM yesterday and after researching the top 10 things to do in Rapid City, the Reptile Garden was #1.  The reptile garden was amazing and definitely one of the coolest places I’ve been able to learn about different reptiles and birds.  We attended a 30 minute snake show, where the snake expert showed us non-venom and venomous snakes.  We visited 3 giant tortoises, played with some prairie dogs, said aloha to an owl, bald eagle and multiple parrots.  Basically, I faced a lot of my fears today because I absolutely do not like snakes, alligators, or crocodiles.  I was very open and receptive to these creatures today because I didn’t really have a choice.  I was surrounded!  They were pretty friendly though.

After the reptile garden we went to a Starbucks to soak up some wi-fi and figure out what we wanted to do next.  Adam had suggested that we go on a hike to Little Devil’s Trail, I believe it’s called.  It’s located about an hour out of Rapid City.  On our way to this hike, we decided to checkout Mount Rushmore as it was on the way.  We got to Mount Rushmore National Park around 5:30PM and we didn’t have to pay the gate fee which was pretty cool.  After being greeted by 3 white mountain goats, we parked Appa and walked up to see the monument.  Like people say, it’s a lot smaller than I had expected.  Regardless, it was a very cool site to see!  I love history and monuments, so it was an exciting time for me.

The drive up to Little Devil’s Trail was really beautiful!  There was a really cool cave tunnel that we had to drive through.  Luckily Appa was short enough to drive in it.  When we got to the trail parking lot, I started to see a lot of quartz crystal and was amazed how it was just sitting there.  I grabbed a handful and showed Christian and Adam.  The Little Devil’s Trail was a 3 mile hike roundtrip.  As we were about 1/4 of the way there, we found the most beautiful rose quartz crystal growing underneath a tree stump on the side of the hill.  We quickly went up to take a look and to our amazement there were lots of little raw quartz crystals!  We all got our fair share, trying not to be greedy and continued on our journey.  About 1/2 way on the trail, a steep incline started to build.  My breaths were getting shorter due to the elevation (6,800 ft.), but I was able to push myself and get to the top.  When we arrived, the scenery was breath taking!  You could see all of the beauty surrounding.  There were steep cliffs, lots of rocks, thousands of trees, and a cool breeze.

As Christian and Adam stayed to take it all in and do a meditation, I wanted to get back to the crystals, so I headed back.  On my walk, I was able to really dig deep within myself and get some answers to questions that I’ve had.  When you ask and then listen to your higher self, unimaginable things will come to fruition for you.  However, you can’t be scared of this or hold back because if you do then you will not benefit fully from the blessings that should bestowed upon you!  When you give out positivity and loving vibes into the universe, you will receive prosperity as there needs to be an even exchange or balance.  Let the universe take care of you because you are a spiritual being in a physical body and when you let go, that is when you truly find out why you are here on this place we call Earth.  Everyone is different and has different situations in life, but that is how it is supposed to be.  Without any obstacles or challenges, there is no reward.

We were supposed to drive to Minneapolis, Minnesota today, but due to the weather conditions it looks a lot better if were to stay in Rapid City for 1 more night and then leave tomorrow morning.  It wouldn’t be a nice drive going through crazy winds, rain and possible snow.  I’m currently sitting at a table next to a Starbucks cafe located within a Safeway.  I’m so thankful they have free wi-fi in here!  Now, I get to finish this blog so you could read it.
Again, mahalo for reading and if you have any suggestions or questions, just let me know and I’d be happy to connect!  Finally, I have a paid Tarot reading to do either today or within the next few days.  I’m so happy that higher spirit has given me the gift to connect and use Tarot as a tool to help many people with questions or clarification in their life.  Some Tarot readings were a lot clearer than others, but I believe it depends on how spiritually open that person is.  Eventually, I’d like to get a YouTube channel started for my Tarot readings.  Lots more to come!  Have a beautiful day!


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