Snow Day in Colorado

There is a pretty big rain storm in the states East of Colorado right now, which is causing it to snow here in Berthoud, Colorado.  We are still planning on driving up to Rapid City, South Dakota today because we should be able to drive out of the snow and into the clear.  Once we get to Rapid City, we should be good to drive to Minneapolis, Minnesota in a couple of days.

I just visited Appa and he was freezing, so I turned on the propane and space heater.  I ended up practicing some ukulele and taking a cat nap.  Now, I’m writing this blog waiting for Adam and Christian to wake up so we can plan our exit from Colorado.  Thankfully we were able to do laundry yesterday and use the washer and dryer at Luna’s house.  I love the feeling of having fresh clothes!  Mahalo Luna, Nina, Mike, and Miles for all of your hospitality in Colorado!  It has been amazing and we are forever grateful.

We ate Thai food last night and it was really good! One of our goals was to try Thai food restaurants around the country to see which is the best and right now Sai Varee in Folsom California is the best. They are the only place I’ve seen that gives free refills on Thai iced coffee and Thai iced teas! That’s a winner!

The plan is to head up to Rapid City, South Dakota where Mount Rushmore, Crazy Horse, and a lot of other cool stuff is.  Plus, it’s a straight shot on I-94 East from Rapid City to Minneapolis, Minnesota so it’s perfect!  2 days should be plenty of time to check it out.  Once we get to Minneapolis, Minnesota we will be meeting up with my very good friend Chase, who will be showing us around the city and getting us connected with some good music and cool musicians.  I met Chase in Maui about 7 years ago when we both worked at the Sheraton Maui in Ka’anapali and he’s always been a great friend.  I’m really excited my cousins have been getting to meet a lot of my good friends on this road trip and that I’ve been able to meet a lot of their great friends.  Reconnecting with friends is always a great thing to do and we’ve been enjoying our time catching up and also making new memories.

It looks like it will be a cold day, but of course we will make the most of it.  Time to load up on some coffee and get ready for the 6 hour drive ahead.  We are about half way through our trip and it has been amazing thus far.  I’m really excited to see what the next half of our journey entails!  I hope everyone has a blessed day.  Mahalo for reading and more updates coming soon!


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