Lava, ID/Jackson Hole, WY

We arrived at Lava, ID yesterday around 6PM and went straight to the hot springs. It was $6 and there are locker rooms where you can change, shower, and store your items in a locker for $0.50.  There were about 5 different pools all ranging from 107-112 degrees. I think the middle pool was the perfect temperature at 110 degrees.   Plus it had nice dime sized rocks on the bottom that you walk on and it feels really soothing. After we were about ready to pass out from the relaxation session, we went back to Appa where Adam cooked a beautiful Yakisoba dinner as we watched avatar. Soon after it was time for bed and I was excited for this nights rest as it would be the first night I get to sleep under the dream catcher Holland gifted us.  Mahalo Holland for the magical dream catcher you created. I love the blue and red beads because they match Appa’s interior and the Buddha in the middle is just perfect!

The next morning we decided to explore the town of Lava and had breakfast at the Chuckwagon Restaurant on Main Street and I’ll just say it was one of the freshest and most delicious breakfasts I’ve ever had. The hash browns were divine because of the straight from the source potatoes.  The eggs 🍳 were perfect. The bacon 🥓 was superb. The wheat toast came with super fresh strawberry jam 🍓.  Overall, it was just so great and we were very thankful for a hearty meal.  After we soaked up some wifi and paid the bill we were off to Jackson Hole, Wyoming. 

We made it to Jackson, Wyoming after about a 3 hour drive.  Driving through the Tetons was so amazing! The beauty has no words. You must see it for yourself! We explored the town, read a little history, got a red box movie, ate some Thai food and then peaced out ✌️.  

Christian is currently driving and Adam is co-pilot as I sit in the back and write this blog. It’s getting dark as the sun fades away and there is a lot of snow surrounding us. We are just going under a huge stone bridge. That was cool! 

I’d like to give a shoutout to my Grandfather who would have been 95 today. Although I’ve never met him (William “Bill” Kahapea) I have a strong spiritual connection with him and know he helps guide me in my life. We will meet one day and we will party! I hope you’re having a great birthday celebration with uncle Jr., the ohana and your friends.

Well, we hit some pretty rough snow coming down so we are parking Appa in a parking lot in Pinedale, Wyoming for the night. I’ll give everyone an update tomorrow. It’s time to watch some Star Wars Rogue One before bed. Hope everyone is having a great evening. 

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