Beautiful Boise

Oh man oh man!!! Boise, Idaho is so beautiful! I love the vibe and the people are very very nice. It’s literally impossible to go to downtown Boise without chatting with someone you don’t even know. I have some great friends here in Boise and I’d like to give a big shoutout to Holland, Reid, and Julie Van Noate for your kindness and great hospitality! 

We arrived in Boise on Saturday April 22nd and had a pretty chill night at the house, playing music, watching the squirrels play around the flowing creek and enjoying each others company. The next day we went on an amazing bike ride through Boise State University and the city. We stopped at 10 Barrel Brewing Co. for lunch and some beer. It was really good! Tori our waitress was awesome as well. Thanks for the great service!

On our bike ride back to the house we stopped by the river where you can surf the wakes, but the river is really full right now and not in good conditions. It’s been in flood warning for a while now. When I return to Boise I’ll give it a go and try to surf this wake I keep hearing about. Maybe I’ll look up some YouTube videos first to get an idea.

So…I’ve been dreaming of this beautiful blonde haired blue eyed girl for some time now. In my dream, she stands there at a distance with a beautiful white dress. She has beautiful long blonde hair and deep blue eyes.  As we gaze into each other’s eyes there is a light breeze that makes her hair flow in slow motion. 

I believe I might have met this girl I’ve been dreaming of in Boise! I’m trying to convince her to come to Maine for my birthday celebration because it’s going to be a blast! We will be celebrating in a beautiful cabin in Maine as we record our album. I hope she can make it. 🌝 ✨

I did my tarot reading yesterday and it really makes a lot of sense. Take a look!

I will have the power in making my choices, movement and decisions as a new love begins.  There will be a time of solitude where I will be able to stand in the light as I use patience and planning for the journey ahead.  I have the spiritual strength needed and the intuition to reach my goals and aspirations. However, there will be a mental conflict and in order to help this I must think of my memories of love. ❤️ 

If you would like your own tarot reading, please contact me at 530-957-5349 or e-mail me at or hit me up on Facebook.  This was just a summary of my tarot reading, but I go more into depth to help you understand.

Much love and aloha to everyone and may you have a beautiful Tuesday! Mahalo for reading!

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