Sunny Seattle

Oh man! Seattle is so beautiful right now. We arrived to Seattle from Portland a couple of days ago and have been having a blast exploring the city and meeting new people. 

We met up with Shannon, a friend of Adam and Christian’s from Placerville. She’s an amazing singer that attends Seattle University and is the soprano 2 section leader. We were fortunate enough to listen in on their choir practice yesterday and it was also her birthday! Hau‘oli Lā Hānau to Shannon. The Seattle U choir is so good! Angelic voices combined to create greatness.

The music scene in Seattle is incredible and it’s pretty amazing how many talented and great artists live here, are from here or just love coming here to share their music from around the world. We have the opportunity to see some great artists tonight including Jason Webley, Pepper Proud, and Chris Poage at the Fremont Abbey.  We were fortunate enough to get on the guest list because of our new great friend Max Beery who owns/runs The Beery House in downtown Seattle. It’s literally at the opposite end of Pike street, which is awesome because downtown is so close you can walk.

Yesterday, we met up with our friend Kreea and her boyfriend Yohan. We met Kreea in maui, but Seattle is her home town and she is creating some amazing music as well. Kreea and Yohan have been playing together recently and I can’t wait to hear more music in the future. 

Right now we are driving to see some waterfalls here in Washington. Max is driving us and we also have the border collies Sophie and Cecelia. I have a feeling that these waterfalls will be spectacular and just what my soul wants! It’s a beautiful day here in Washington. I hope everyone has a great day! Love & Aloha!

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