Pearl of Portland

We got Appa fixed up after we clearly diagnosed it was a busted transmission line.  After that was fixed it took about 12 quarts of transmission fluid because it is huge!  The pan is enormous and it makes sense because it has to tow a lot of weight.  Right before we were about to go on our test drive, the engine wouldn’t start and the dashboard stated TRANS.  I did not like the signs of that, but it was odd because we had started it up right after we put the trans fluid in.  The mechanic Jeff ended up finding out that the solenoid which connects to the starter wasn’t attached very well, so he ended up fixing that as well.  He mentioned that the solenoid was pretty old and we might want to think about getting it replaced.  We may look into getting a replacement at NAPA and also some backup fluids for Appa.  We then tried a second test drive and Appa was back in action!  It felt good to be moving in Appa again.  We paid our dues and were on our way to Portland!

We arrived to the Pearl of Portland which is a beautiful city atmosphere.  It kind of reminds me of a mellow San Francisco.  We will be checking out the city tomorrow and then making our way up to Seattle to make up some lost time.  Lots of music to be heard and played up in Seattle, so we are really excited.  I believe we will spend a couple of days in Seattle and then make our way down to Boise, ID.

Hope everyone had a great day today!  I’ll give you more updates tomorrow.  Good night world.

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