Stuck in Stayton, OR

Aloha kakahiaka everyone or good morning! We woke up around 7AM this morning to prepare ourselves for the mechanic at 8AM when they open.  We were able to speak with Cory, the owner and explain our situation.  He stated he was really busy today and actually about a week behind, but told us that he would be able to check it out early this afternoon so we are hoping for the best.

As I write this blog, I’m listening to the new Kendrick Lamar album “Damn” and it’s pretty good. There are some songs I like more than others but I’m more curious in the story that he tells through his music. He’s seriously a lyrical genius! I just listened to “Loyalty” featuring Rhianna and I like the beat, but “Humble” is an addicting sound.  Can’t wait to meet Kendrick one day! I’m just going to throw that little manifestation into the universe.

Adam, Christian and I are currently chilling in Appa. Adam is taking a nap, Christian has been reading and writing and I just woke up from a really good nap. I felt it was necessary to write a blog post and listen to some music as we patiently wait for Appa to get looked at. 

Last night before bed we did a Tarot reading to ask for guidance at this time. This is what the reading entailed.

All of the black rim cards are major arcana cards (very significant & big changes) and the red and blue rimmed cards are minor arcana cards.  The red represents the physical and blue represents the mental.  If you look at all of the major arcana cards it spells a big “T”. Does this stand for TRUTH maybe?? This reading really made a lot of sense.  The  “Destiny” card represents our willingness to fulfill our destiny and seek greater truth. During this time we must have “Patience” and let things flow naturally.  The “New Beginnings” card signifies that we will have a new beginning, even though we’ve already started. It will be a refreshed start to ensure we will be able to continue on our journey.  The “Material Harvest” card could mean that we will reap some type of reward for the hard work and effort that has been given to the universe.  For proper balance the universe will give back to you what you give it.  The “Power” card is a great card to have in this reading, especially with the central placement.  Through this time we will have the power to conquer any obstacles that may occur. We are being tested by the higher spirit and blessed at the same time. Blessing in disguise?? The “Mental Conflict” card shows because it is definitely a mental conflicting situation to be in. It really makes you think about all of the possibilities of what the problem could be, how much it will cost, etc. The final card for the reading was “Intuition”.  This card is very special to me as I’m clairsentience and rely on my intuition all the time.   The tarot archetype is the “High Priestess”. As I just looked at the picture I posted above, I see a shining Halo around this High Priestess. Yes, it is the reflecting light from above, but I look deeper into placements and consider this more of a synchronicity.  I definitely feel that our guardians are here with us at this time and will help guide us through it all! 

I hope all of you are having a blessed Monday and I will keep you all updated on what happens. Much love and aloha!

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