Humboldt, CA Day #2

Our first day in Humboldt was awesome! We woke up well rested in Appa, met up with our violinist Jett and then went to Wildberries for breakfast. After that we ventured out to Trinidad to check out Jett’s 1981 Vanagon Westfalia. It is a light blue color and is in excellent condition. She is really beautiful and already has an incredible sound system installed. There are some minor rust issues on the body, but I told Jett to repair everything else and I’ll be back to help him with the bodywork. I took auto tech and auto body & fender in high school and enjoyed working on cars. This would be a really cool project to work on in the future. By that time, hopefully I’ll have a pretty sweet ride myself. I think we may be subconsciously starting a retro van club?? We shall see!


Today is a new day of adventure and we can’t wait to see what it entails. There is a possibility we will get to play music on KHUM radio here in Humboldt, CA this afternoon.   If that does happen, we will be sure to blast out on FB and INSTAGRAM the time it’s going down. There is also another possibility that we will be going to café MOKKA and getting like an hour of hot tub time in. I really hope this happens and will try to manifest it because I could totally use a nice hot tub sesh. Oh and the Mochas at MOKKA are really good too! I definitely recommend with whip cream.


This will be our last day in Humboldt, California before we head on North to Klamath Falls, Oregon for our second stop. We are going to Klamath Falls to visit a friend of Adam’s and it will be a nice pit stop so we don’t have to drive all the way to Portland just yet. After 1 night in Klamath Falls, we will head up to Portland where we will be for 3 days. We have some good friends up in Portland and are stoked to reconnect with them!


The journey has just begun, so get ready for more blog posts! I’m trying to do 1 everyday to keep everyone updated on what we’ve been up to and where we are going. If you’d like to see more photos or videos of the Claybourne Tour 2017 check out our youtube channel Claybourne Music or you can go on to FB and like the Claybourne Music page OR you can go to the website at


Aloha to everyone out there in the world and mahalo for the time you took to read my blog. This is technically my second blog I’ve ever done if Xanga counts and if anyone remembers what that is?! Lots more in store for this year, so come take the journey with us as we head out on a mission to Maine by summer time.

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