Humboldt, CA

1st leg of the tour completed! We made it to Humboldt, CA in “Appa” our 1977 Dodge Tioga.  He’s 9 feet tall and 14 feet in length, has a propane space heater, 3 burner stove, an oven, sink, bathroom with shower, closet, and lots of storage cabinets.  There is a loft above the main cabin to comfortably sleep 2 and the dining table that seats 4, folds down into a bed which is where I’ll be sleeping most of the time.  I like it because there is a wall in front of me that has a painting that Adam recently did. It’s amazing! 

One day when we were chatting, we talked about how he should make a painting to remind us each day of why we are here on this journey.  The painting has a foresty background with lots of shades of blue in the sky and on the ground. There is a little human shadow figure standing on top of a grassy hill and in the center he is creating a vortex of spiritual energy that exudes positivity, strength, and love.  To the left sky you see the yellow sun and to the right sky you see the white crescent moon.  

To me this painting resembles our journey, our mission, and allowing ourselves to be in the vortex and letting the universe take us where we need to go.  We were all put on this Earth for a reason whether you believe it or not.  You have a value different from anyone else, but it is up to you to find it!  You can’t be afraid to reach out and search for it. Believe me, I was just there not to long ago. 

After graduating high school in Oahu, HI in 2006, I attended University of Nevada, Reno and graduated with a business management degree in 2010.  Around 2011/2012 I began a management career in the hospitality business and opened the Aulani Walt Disney Resort as a lifeguard supervisor, then quickly moved to Maui to work at the Sheraton Maui at Black Rock in Ka’anapali as a guest service manager in the front office.  I spent 7 years in Maui and my most recent position was at the Montage Kapalua Bay.  I was the Inspirato manager and managed 5 residences on the Montage property for “Inspirato” which is a luxury destination club.  

The Montage was a great experience and I value all of the things I learned there. However, about a year and a half ago something was telling me that I needed to leave and there was more in life for me to do and see.  The hard part is just listening to this inner guidance, but the more you open yourself up to listening, the more aligned your path will become.

Anyways, in Humboldt today it’s really rainy, cold and dreary weather but that’s okay because we love all types of weather 🌞 I think we might go to Wildberries soon to grab some breakfast. It’s this really good organic health food store in Arcata.  They have a quart of Humboldt chocolate milk for only $2 WTF!!! I love it!  

After that we will be heading up to Trinidad with our friends Jett and Joely to checkout Jett’s retro van at his dads place a.nd also to retrieve my trumpet that I left on our last visit. Kalani will not be doing that again! Oops! 

Let’s get this day going!

2 thoughts on “Humboldt, CA

  1. I love you three so much, more than you could ever know! I am so glad I can read each day about where you are and what you are doing. Many years ago I went up to building that was the Forest Service to apply for a transfer to there from here. I interviewed, even looked at an apartment but then didn’t get the job. The building was right at the back of the campus on a hill. That was thirty five years ago. Love Grandma


    • We love you too Grandma! Yes, there is much more to document and explore. We couldn’t be happier and the sense of freedom is amazing! Wow, things would have been different if you lived in Humboldt. We are happy that you chose Placerville though 🌝


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