Planning & Preparation

I have never been on a road trip as big as this, so the planning and preparation is quite important.  Today, we were able to map out all of our sought out destinations and calculated how much driving time and how many days it will take us to get to the East Coast.  It looks like we will make it to the East Coast by early May.  This is all new territory for us, as none of us have ever been past Ohio.  Should make for a very crazy awesome adventure and we couldn’t be more excited.

As each day comes closer to our departure date of Monday April 10th, 2017, a sense of urgency to plan and prepare come to mind.  I know we will have the necessities to make it across the country and survive off the grid if needed.  Not knowing, I’ve actually been preparing for this journey for a while now.  As I lived in Maui for 7 years, I was able to gather some items that will be very helpful for the road trip.  The most important would probably be the Goal Zero Yeti 150 battery pack with the Goal Zero Boulder 30 Watt solar panel.  This will give us all of the energy we need to live off the grid and charge our everyday appliances.  The Yeti 150 comes with 2 USB slots, an AC/DC slot, and regular plugin.  The Boulder 30 solar panel will be able to charge the Yeti 150 in about 12 hours of sun time.

No matter what items we have or don’t have, it doesn’t really matter as long as we have each other.  That is what matters most!  Family bonds are strong and can withstand anything that comes your way.  Just live life to the fullest and make sure to spread that love and aloha!

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