Back To Murphy, North Carolina

After a week in Charleston, South Carolina we decided to go back to Murphy, North Carolina (about a 6.5 hour drive) to visit with my parents again and so we could get Appa’s windshield wiper’s fixed, change out the corroding battery cables and also change out the relay that connects the starter to the battery.  My stepfather Robert is an amazing handy man and mechanic and I learned a lot from him by just observing and assisting in any way I could.  It took us most of the day to fix it, but we still had enough time to get the boat in the water and do some fishing before sun down.  At this time of the year the sun goes down completely around 9PM, which gave us about 2 hours of fishing time.

As we trolled around the lake hitting all of the banks, we found a nearby cove where the fish were biting like crazy!  I was using a minnow lure that I had given to my stepfather Robert for his birthday coming up on June 13th.  I call it the “catfish” because I was able to catch 2 catfish within 10-15 minutes.  The first one I caught was the biggest measuring in at about 20 inches long and the second was about 16 inches long.  It’s such a rewarding feeling when you can catch your own dinner, prepare it, and then eat it.  I wanted to make fish tacos, so I made some catfish tacos and they were incredibly tasty! I baked them, although I could have fried them.  I think I made the right choice.

We stayed for 2 nights and each night we had an amazing bonfire, which is a ritual when I’m staying there.  It’s a beautiful feeling to sit on a bench on my parent’s grassy lawn which borders a beautiful national forest.  They have 3 acres behind their house which borders this forest and I honestly believe they were sent there to help protect and take care of this land.  They found a gem of a spot and many angels are watching their home.  Fireflies surround the property at night and it’s amazing how their butts look like their on fire when they light up.

Once again, we had an incredible time at my parents house and I can’t wait to return one day.  I’m honestly going to pursue a professional career in fishing when I return and can’t wait to catch the next bass fish state record, which was caught in the lake next to my parents house.  It’s called lake “Hiwassee” and the current record is a bass caught back in 2012 by a kid named Tyler.  The bass weighed in at 66 lbs 1 oz.  I want to catch a bass that weighs 77 lbs 7 oz., and hold that title for a while.  I’m totally trying to manifest right now and who knows what will happen in the future.  A man can dream though!

After Murphy, NC we decided to make our way up towards New York.  Our first stop was a 1 nighter in Charleston, West Virginia after a 6 hour drive.  We then drove another 6.5 hours up to Ocean City, New Jersey where we would be spending a night at a friend’s house.  Donna Samango, we can’t thank you enough for your hospitality and for sharing your home with us.  We enjoyed your company very much and we wish you nothing but blessings!

New Jersey blog coming up next!  Stay tuned!



Charleston, South Carolina

We made it to Charleston, South Carolina after we ran into a rainstorm in Jacksonville, Florida.  As we were driving through Jacksonville, Appa’s windshield wipers stopped working.  We decided to stop off on the next exit and luckily there was a Pilot gas station/trucker stop right there for us.  We parked Appa in the back, kind of hidden from everything and I used the internet to check out the weather conditions.  There was a gap of no rain from 5am-9am, so we decided to test our luck and make it up to Charleston.  We did it!!

We were in Charleston for about a week and it was truly amazing!  The people were very friendly and I was able to learn a lot about the history and culture of the town.  There is a lot of war history, pirate history, and just a pure sense of Southern hospitality.  I was also able to check out some really cool hotels in the area.  I think my favorite was the Wyndham Grand Hotel which was built back in 1853.  It caught on fire once and was one of the only standing buildings after the fire because the slaves in the hotel were smart and slapped wet blankets and sheets on the side of the building from all of the windows.  This kept it from burning down completely!  Just amazing! I went to the bar to have a couple of craft cocktails and talked with Roger the bartender for about an hour. He gave me a great history lesson and more suggestions for craft cocktails.

The music scene was incredible and we were fortunate to be there while “Spelato” was going on.  Basically, they bring in bands and musicians from around the world to perform for a few days.  Maybe we will be able to attend that next year or possibly play in it?! I carried my ukulele with me all around town and people kept asking me “What unit are you in?” and I stated “Umm, not really sure but me and my cousins are on tour and have a band named Claybourne”.  Great way of letting people know of who we were and so they could check out some great music online.  I also had the courage to busk by the waterfront, next to a beautiful fountain where a lot of people like going for the sunset.  I played my ukulele for about 30 minutes and made $20!  I was stoked and very grateful for the opportunity. We went to Sullivan’s Island one day to do some recording for music videos and got a lot accomplished! Can’t wait to do more when we get up to Maine!

I met a beautiful girl named Tay in Charleston at a gemstone and crystal gift shop.  She was kind enough to show me around and teach me about her hometown.  Tay you are awesome and I can’t wait to see what happens in your future.  Keep up with your guitar and Tarot cards.  You’re an awesome person, but even more awesome spiritual being! She introduced me to many of her friends and we even had the opportunity to go night fishing on Turkey creek. Michael Ray was kind enough to lend me a pole to give it a try. We used sausage as bait because we didn’t have anything else and unfortunately didn’t catch anything, but it still had a awesome time!

Sara, Danielle and Drew thank you for all of your hospitality in West Ashley.  We had a blast hanging out and I love all of your beautiful artwork.  Sara and Danielle sell artwork and paintings at the night market in downtown Charleston on the weekends.  The night market is filled with all types of vendors including jewelry, paintings, pottery, coffee.  All kinds of crafts! One day we went to the beach at Sullivan’s Island and I was able to collect a bunch of new shells for the collection and for jewelry. I’m stoked!

We will be back for you Charleston, South Carolina!

St. Petersburg & Clearwater, Florida

We arrived in St. Petersburg, FL on Friday May 19th and were lucky enough to stay with Jess who is a big part of Elliot Hulse’s Grounding Team!  She is such an inspiration and a warrior goddess.  We enjoyed our stay as we got to explore St. Petersburg, dance at a cool night club, go to the beach for sunset, visit Sawgrass park, practiced our climbing skills at a rock climbing gym and also got a glimpse of Strength Camp.  It kicked our butts and we loved it!

Much love and aloha to the Hulse family as we had the opportunity to visit their beautiful home in Clearwater.  Adam and Christian played music for them, which was a preview/taste of what the music will sound like at the next grounding camp coming up in New York on June 9th-11th.  I was also fortunate enough to give Elliott and his wife Colleen an Oracle card reading, which gave them much clarity and guidance.  Simone, their daughter (7 years old) is so amazing and she took a strong interest in my ukulele.  I have a feeling she will be learning more and playing one soon! We will be picking up our brother (violinist) Jett Hagerty in Albany, New York in a couple days and couldn’t be more stoked for him to join us for Grounding Camp and for the journey up to Maine to record.

After Florida, we headed up to Charleston, South Carolina to meet up with our video tech Sara Dungo.  It was also an opportunity to explore some Southern hospitality culture and history.


Hickory & Asheville, NC

We had a wonderful stay in Hickory, North Carolina where Christian Adam and I reunited with Boone and Luke, who we met on the dragon fruit farm back in Maui.

We met Boone’s mom and dad.  They were so loving and their hospitality was so gracious. We’d like to thank them for everything and wish them nothing but prosperity and good health for the future.

On the second day we went to Asheville, North Carolina to check out the town and see what it had to offer.  We parked the car in a paid parking garage and as we were contemplating jaywalking across the street to get to a store we want to go to, we realized there was a cop by us and didn’t want to chance it.  We decided to walk up the street and take the crosswalk.  As we crossed the street, a car turning around the corner started honking at us. I was like “wow, I’m just crossing the street. Give me a break!” And then come to find out it was Matt and Briana who we had also met on the Dragon Fruit farm in Maui. It was literally a reunion and such an amazing feeling to see them again as we thought they were on the West coast.

They parked their car and met back up with us. Matt and Briana stated they were moving to Asheville and it would be their “hub” as they travel around the US and world.  We are beyond excited for them and can’t wait to meet up again.

Hickory is also a cool little town in North Carolina.  Boone and Luke were able to give us the grand tour.  We stopped by a cool café to pick up some coffee and I met a woman named “Dotty” who was holding a Hawaiian magazine from the Big Island. We talked, and she explained that she had lived on the big Island for many years. However, Hickory was her hometown and would like to return to Hawaii one day to visit.  I told her that one day she will and she will have an amazing time.  

Boone also introduced us to his friend Shaq.  Shaq was at work watering flowers and couldn’t wait to go to Maui with Boone. You could see it in his eyes and feel it is in his heart.  They’re returning to Maui this summer and are going back to the Dragon Fruit farm.  I’m so excited for them and I know they’re going to be creating memories for a lifetime.

Boone is a great entrepreneur!   He has created a mead beer that is going to shock the world. I can’t wait to see his product in thousands of stores across the world and would be honored to be a part of his creation in anyway that I can help.  We have currently been brainstorming a lot of ideas together and I truly feel that we will be business partners in the future. We can do this Boone! I know it.

Gifts were exchanged as we connected with one another. I received a smoky quartz from both Boone and his father and I’m forever grateful for these gifts.  I will cherish them!  I gave a piece of jewelry to Boone’s mother and I also placed a piece of rose quartz crystal and an agate in both Boone’s sister’s room and his.  I know that it will bring them great motivation and spiritual strength.  

Boone gave me a clean up shave and trim for my beard after I got it trimmed in Asheville and I’d say that Boone is definitely multi talented. He made me look super sharp!

As we departed North Carolina, we reflected on the great memories and we’re so grateful for everything. Our next journey was on to St. Petersburg Florida where we would meet a true mentor for life and create many magical experiences.

Mahalo for reading and stay tuned for my next blog about St. Petersburg, Florida. I have been quite busy lately and haven’t been posting much, but I do have some time now so I’ll be sharing much more soon! 

Mother’s Day in Murphy, North Carolina

We arrived to Murphy North Carolina on Friday May 12th, around 8PM after a 4.5 hour drive from Nashville, TN.  My mom thought we were arriving on Saturday, but I called my stepfather Robert and let him know that I wanted to surprise her on Friday.  When we showed up to the house after about a 20 minute drive from the town of Murphy, NC.  It was the last house on the right before you get to the end of the road and also an entryway into lake Hiwassee.  Their backyard is literally a national forest that runs along 3 acres of their land.  It’s beautifully stunning, almost as if you are in a fairy tale.  Robert came out to greet us when we arrived and my mom had no idea we were there yet.  We parked Appa on their trailer pad, which has an electrical hookup and everything.  We don’t need to use it as we are staying in the house and giving Appa a break.  He looks so perfect where he is parked.  It’s awesome!  My mom came out of the house surprised and with a smile on her face.  We hugged for a long time and soaked in the love.  It felt great to be able to visit my mother on mother’s day weekend, especially because we are traveling across the country and sporadically visiting places.  The timing was divine and I couldn’t be happier.  We all walked down to the lake for sunset and then went back to the house for dinner.

The next day we woke up and just enjoyed the beauty surrounding us.  The plan was to get the 12′ aluminum boat in the water and take her out for a spin as my parents just got the title and necessary stickers for it.  The gas motor was in the shop, so Robert bought an electric trolling motor and new battery.  We loaded the boat into Robert’s newly lifted  and modified 2000 Ford F-250 and all of the fishing gear into the boat and headed about 20 seconds down the road to the lake.  We loaded her into the water and brought it to the dock.  Christian, Adam and I then got into the boat like 3 pirates going to find some booty!  We boarded our new pirate ship and set sail.  Our first stop was about 100 yards away from the dock.  We let the anchor sink and began to fish.  We were doing the whipping technique with some really cool luers.  After about 15 minutes of fishing in this spot we decided to pull up the anchor and go adventure some more.  As Christian tried to pull up the anchor, it wouldn’t budge and it was stuck.  Both Adam and I tried to pull it up also and we failed.  I decided that I was going to jump into the lake and try to dive down to get this anchor.  After I jumped in, I quickly realized how cold the water was and that there was no way I was going to dive down and get this anchor.  I immediately hopped back into the boat and then we decided to cut the rope with a knife and cut our losses.  Robert said to bring the boat back, but he didn’t say anything about the anchor.  We quickly motored our way around the island and then decided to turn off the engine and just float and fish.  After about an hour of cruising and fishing, we let the wind current take us back to the dock.

After our adventure in the lake we decided to take it easy by the house, so my mom had me help her plant some lavender around the yard and showed me what else was growing around the property.  I want to get a baby tree to plant so I can watch it grow over the years to come.  I’m thinking a nice pine tree or something big, but we shall see.  My mom wants to get some fruit trees so they can have a little orchard.  They already have a grape vine, blackberry, and raspberry bushes.  I believe they want a peach, plum, and apple tree soon.  As we were walking around I said that a nice fire pit would be nice for night time.  My mom said that they had one in the garage, still in the box from when she won it as a prize giveaway when she was working in Missouri.  They have been carrying around this brand new fire pit from Missouri to Florida and now from Florida to North Carolina.  I guess this fire pit finally found its home.  Robert busted it out from the garage and we began to build it.  After I opened the boxes, we realized that this fire pit was really nice and had a copper bottom and cage for the top.  We placed it on their lawn right in front of their house and pretty close to Appa.  There is a nice bench that sits between the trees and we added some chairs to surround it.  Robert and I then went to the forest to cut some wood and prepare for a fire that night.

It was a Saturday night and there is a Harrah’s Cherokee Casino not too far away, so as my parents wanted to go to Walmart, they dropped me off so I could test out my luck.  I went into the casino and it was just like I was back in Las Vegas or Reno.  They had all of the table games and lots of slot machines.  I stood in line for about 20 minutes to get my players rewards card and they also gave me $50 in free slot play.  I went straight to the penny slots and found a slot machince called the “Mermaid Fantasy”.  I quickly lost all of the $50 free play and then moved on over to the Craps video machine because all of the regular craps tables were full to the max, plus their minimum bet was $15!  I put in $40 and I came out with $113 after about 1 hour on the machine.  I cashed out and then headed over to the real craps table.  I played for all of about 2 minutes and then my parents showed up and surprised me at the table.  I then grabbed my chips and went straight to the roullette table and put $30 on black.  I lost and then I went to the cashiers cage to cash out.  I came out a winner and that’s all that matters.  When we got back to the house, we made the fire and tested out this brand new fire pit.  It worked like a charm and provided much warmth for the night. 

The next day we woke up and planned on going to the flea market for Mother’s Day.  The first place we stopped was on the side of the road going north from Murphy and I was able to score an awesome old tackle box full with leaders, lures, hooks, etc.  It has all I need and it’s identical to the tackle box my stepdad Robert owns and he got his when he was little. Pretty awesome! I also scored a sweet fishing pole for $15 and it has a Shakespeare reel on it which is quality! After that we ventured on down to the bigger flea market and that is where I scored some awesome retro cameras 🎥 and gear.  I traded an agate and $30 for a Canon T70 and a bag full of extra canon lenses.  I also found an old 1970’s Polaroid land camera that I purchased for $5. This is the land of some great deals. I will be back for sure! The retro camera collection is in full effect now.

For Mother’s Day I gave my mom a Young Living essential oil diffuser, a bunch of different oils, a Tahitian pearl pendant and blue sea glass pendant.  She was stoked and I enjoy watching her use the different oils and research what they help with.  

The next couple of days we just took it easy at the house and I fished, fished, and then fished some more. I’ve decided that when I get back to North Carolina, I want to be a pro bass fisherman and save up to get a really nice boat and some more fishing gear.  The lake is just so beautifully stunning, it almost feels like you are in a dream.  I can’t wait to return! I also got my North Carolina drivers license so I can get my resident fishing license. I’m really liking my first bearded photo on a license! 

 We had a great week in Murphy, NC visiting with my parents and they are honestly living a great life and they love it! I’m really proud of them for getting to this point in their lives and I’d like to spend a lot more time with them moving forward.  My mother is very beautiful and has a way with plants and nature itself. Christian was able to capture some footage of my mom getting a butterfly to land on her finger.  She’s the butterfly whisperer! It shows me how much my mom is open to spirit and the connection she has to magical creatures like the butterfly. I love you mom!

On Wednesday afternoon, we said our see ya soon and then headed off to meet our long lost brothers Boone and Luke in Hickory which is located about 3.5 hours away from my parents house.  I’d like to thank my parents for a great stay and all of their love and kindensss! We love you very much.

Nashville, Tennessee

After a 7.5 hour drive from Chicago, we finally made it to Nashville, TN around 11:30 PM.  We arrived in South Nashville, where one of Christian’s best friends lives.  His name is Ryan.  We crashed for the night and prepared for our big adventure in Nashville, TN.

Ryan’s friend Kevin needed help moving his stuff from his apartment into his storage unit because he is going on a journey through the Grand Canyon this summer.  After helping his friend Kevin, they needed to drop off the moving van, so we decided to go to a really cool tea/kava shop called “High Garden”.  At the high garden we had some Kava Kava for $2.50 mixed with honey and cinnamon.  It was divine!  As we were sitting and chatting over some Kava, I found some awesome new Tarot cards with spirit animals.  I can’t wait to start incorporating them into my readings.  After High Garden, we went to eat lunch at the “Wild Cow”, which is a vegan/vegetarian restaurant/cafe.  It was really good!  We ordered 2 appetizers and then our entrees.  I had the lentil soup with brown rice and vegetables.  The meal was delicious and then we left for more adventure.

Ryan took us around the city of Nashville and showed us some cool spots.  In the afternoon, he had to meet up with his band for a podcast and dropped us off on 8th street so we could explore.  We ended up walking to 12th Street South.  It was a really good walk!  We ended up at the Turnip Truck which is a health foods/grocery store.  Ryan picked us up from there and then we met up with his bandmates for a burger at Five Guys.

Their band name is “Waker” and they all live in Nashville, TN and tour to play different gigs around the country.  We have been telling them they should think about coming to the west coast to do a tour.  It would be awesome to get some of their music on the West coast.  Really exciting things are happening for Waker as the 7 of them have cultivated a wonderful and masterful band.  They each bring a unique attribute to the table which makes their style superb.  Ryan plays the bass, but it has been fun doing ukulele jams!  He has a couple or really nice ukuleles.  One is made by Lanikai and it is a solid six string, with a unique sound.  The other is made by Cordoba and has a really thick rich sound.  I can’t wait to find a good Cordoba to purchase one day.  I want to do my research and make sure it is the right one for me.

After a burger from Five Guys, we grabbed our instruments and headed for the lake!  It was a Pisces full moon and it was a beautiful night.  As the moon shined upon us, we played beautiful music to feed our souls and for the nature/spirit around us.  We played until about 1AM in the morning and then decided to head home for the night.  Ryan had to be up early and go to the Sound Emporium in Nashville, TN to do some recording before Waker heads out for some concerts in North Carolina and other surrounding states.

Christian and I are currently sitting in the lobby of the Sound Emporium, soaking up some wi-fi and getting some business done as Adam watches Waker record and practice.  Some great musicians have set foot in this building such as Kenny Chesney, Taylor Swift, Alabama Shakes, Willie Nelson, and many many more!  It is an honor to be in such a place and I can feel the great music energy around me.  It’s amazing and really inspiring! A lot of big things are happening this year and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for the future.

Mahalo for reading and I’ll be sure to keep all of you posted on our next adventures.  We will be in Nashville, TN until Friday and then we will make our way to Murphy, North Carolina to see my mom for Mother’s Day.  I haven’t seen her in a while, so I’m really excited about that.  The drive will be about 3.5 hours, so it’s not bad at all.  I hope everyone is having a great day!  Yah bless!


Chicago, Illinois

We made it to Chicago, Illinois on Sunday May 7th around 8:30PM and drove to a friend’s house who lives really close to the city.  Our buddy gave us the grand tour of the city and we couldn’t be more grateful for his kind hospitality.  I can’t wait for the day where we can return the Aloha in California or Hawaii.

The first night we got settled in and went out for a tour of the city lights down near Shedd Aquarium and the White Sox Stadium.  There really are some magnificent buildings and structures in this city.  It’s amazing!  There is so much discover here that I will definitely need to come back.  With all of the museums, shows, music, sports, and hustle going on, you will never be bored and there is always something to do.

We stopped by an awesome pizza place called Freddi’s.  It had a cool neon sign on the outside and also a cool classic car sitting right next to it. I got a slice of pepperoni and it was really good!  I love pepperoni pizza, so I was excited to try out some of the best deep dish.  After the pizza stop we went back to our friend’s place and crashed for the night.

The next day, we woke up and decided to head down to the city so we could meet up with another friend, check out his crazy awesome view from his condo and then go for a walk around the city.  From this condo, you can see the entire city!  You can see Trump Tower, Sears Tower, everything.  It’s really really nice! On our walk around the city, we checked out multiple spots and even got to see the House of Blues which I can see us playing in one day when we tour through the city again.  That evening, we took it easy and ordered some delivery Lou Malnatis pizza which was divine!  Lou Malnatis is a Chicago favorite and I can’t wait to get some more in the future.

We are planning on leaving Chicago today and will head down to Nashville, Tennessee.   It will take us about 9 hours to drive to Nashville, but it should be amazing and we will be meeting up with one of Christian’s best friends from Placerville.  They actually played in their first band together called “Crimson Sky” and I remember going to some of their performances when I would visit California on vacation from Hawaii.  Claybourne should be able to play a lot of music in Nashville as it is a major music hub.  I’m also debating if I should get a beard trim in Tennessee.  We shall see!

I gave my friend Jessica (lives in Maui) a tarot reading yesterday to help her confirm some things and get clarity.  If you would like a tarot reading or would like to connect please enter your information in the “Contact” tab or you can e-mail me at  I hope you are having a wonderful day and thank you for reading my blog.  I really appreciate it!  We have officially reached our midway point on our tour and are very excited!  Lots more to come.

Eau Claire, Wisconsin

We made it to Eau Claire, Wisconsin yesterday Friday May 5th on cinco de mayo.      It took us about 2 hours to drive and we headed straight to Planet Fitness to workout, get a hydro massage, and take a nice hot shower. I still love the fact that we have Planet Fitness memberships and there are over 13,000 locations country wide.

After we freshened up, the adventure to search for Bon Iver was in effect.  Bon Iver has been a huge musical inspiration to Adam and wanted to try to meet him and chat over some beers about our journey to Maine.  We went in search of April Base without any address but knew what general area it was in. Adam and Christian used their intuition and they found it! I had been taking a nap and manifesting that we find it at the same time.  

When we arrived, we stepped up to the door with a 6 pack of Sierra Nevadas and not knowing what to expect. We rang the doorbell and a gentlemen with a nice accent answered the door. He stated “oh you guys must know Jacob already, come on in!” We all looked at each other and answered, “actually we don’t” and then a woman came to the door to inquire why we were there. We told her “we’ve come from California on a road trip to Maine in hopes to meet Justin.”  She closed the door for a few seconds and then came back and told us “I’m sorry, Justin isn’t hanging out right now.” We said “ok thank you for your time and sorry for coming uninvited” and we went on our way. About 100 yards from his driveway we stopped. We decided that we couldn’t come all of this way without leaving him a letter or something. Christian wrote the letter and we folded it up with a business card. Christian and Adam walked back to the house and put the letter under the 6 pack of beer right in front of the door.  We shall see what happens…

We then decided to go explore the town and wanted to see the movie “split” at the local theatre.  We checked out a cool record store and then I yelped cool cafes here and the #1 spot was ECDC or Eau Claire Downtown Coffee.  It looked like a fancy restaurant from the outside. As we walked in, we were kindly greeted by 2 baristas.  “Shirtless” Phil (local legend) and Emily “Rose” became instant friends.  Phil invited us over for a bonfire and some drinks after he got off work at 11PM.  We watched “Split” and then waited for Phil to get off and we headed over to his sister’s place which he was house sitting while they were away in Colorado. 

We entered a magical ferry land with a slack line, trampoline, Lyra sphere, and beautiful lawn with a bonfire pit setup.  Adam brought out his guitar and played a few songs in repayment of letting us be in this amazing place with such divine timing.  

Phil is also a reiki master and I then realized that this was all happening for a reason as my mentor Shannon had told me reiki would be my next tool to learn. Within 10 minutes I learned how to control “chi” and use it to help balance myself.  I will be studying more about reiki and would love to get my certification to become a reiki master one day.  I believe this is my next step in my spiritual education and it fits so nicely with my tarot readings.  

We planned on staying up so we could make it to “the top of the world” for sunrise but we knocked out at 3:30am and didn’t wake up until about 10:00am.  I’ll take the rest because we definitely needed it.  Phil made us really good coffee in the morning as Adam played on the slack line and I jumped on the trampoline.  “Shiloh” Phil’s dog (German Shepard – Wolf) is amazing and so smart!  He loves to play and has such a wonderful animal spirit. We ended up going to “the top of the world” which was a great hike and then we crossed through a park where a lot of guys were playing disc golf or “frolf” (frisbee golf).  We then went to one of the coolest head shops in the world called “truckers”! It’s been there since the 1970’s and is the oldest head shop in Wisconsin. After that we went to Betty’s to grab some grub.  I had the pork tacos with mango salsa and tots on the side. It was delicious!

Now we are back at ECDC soaking up wifi and enjoying some coffee.  We decided to stay an extra day in Eau Claire because of the beauty and the awesome people.  We will definitely be back here to spend some quality time and discover all of Eau Claire. Tonight we will be doing another bonfire! Tomorrow we are off to Chicago, Illinois and will be meeting up with a friend of Christian and Adam’s.  He will be giving us the grand tour of the Windy City!

Also, I have been doing multiple tarot readings lately as I’ve been majorly tapped in with higher spirit and have the ability to give a lot of people clarity in their lives.  Please connect with me if you are interested in doing a reading. I’d love to help you in any way that I can. 

Much love and aloha!

Mushrooms in Minneapolis, Minnesota

After a long 9 hour drive from Colorado, we finally made it to Minneapolis, Minnesota on Tuesday May 2nd around 9PM.  On our journey across South Dakota and through the Bad Lands, we decided to stop by “Wall Drug” because we were curious as to what this place is after seeing about a 100 marketing signs saying things like “$.05 coffee” and “Free Coffee and Donuts for Honeymooners!”.  The town of Wall is really small and it seems like “Wall Drug” is definitely the highlight.  They had all types of souvenirs and jewelry and pretty much everything else you can think of, but I was able to score 42 nice white envelopes for $1 and a jar of honey for $1.  These items were in the sale section and yes I’m definitely a thrifter.  Anytime I can get a deal on something, I usually jump at the opportunity.  After going to Wall Drug, we realized there were many other supply and craft/jewelry stores connected to it.  We had to get out of there before we ended up spending the whole day there.  It was dangerous!

A good buddy of mine named Chase is from Minneapolis, Minnesota and I had met him 7 years ago when I first moved to Maui and started working at the Sheraton Maui in Ka’anapali.  He generously invited us to where he is currently living, which is his best friend Kyle’s house.  It was great to see these 2 awesome gentlemen and also great to meet Alyssa, Kyle’s girlfriend and Joshua their roommate. Oh yeah and we can’t forget Brodi, Kyle and Alyssa’s dog. He’s such a great dog! He literally sits at the table in a chair and behaves himself.  The house was located close to Lake Lucy in Minnetonka and the neighborhood was very peaceful and quiet each night.  Apparently a lot of Minnesota Vikings players live in this neighborhood too!

We decided to have a nice little bonfire, some music, and some cocktails. The plan for the next day was to go out into the forest and forage for some morel mushrooms which are in season right now and are only in season in this area for the next few weeks.  Time is of the essence! The next morning we went to a really good spot next to a river where there were numerous amounts of morel mushrooms.  We collected about 1 pound between the 4 of us and went back to the house to cook em up.  I usually don’t like mushrooms, but Morel mushrooms are a different story! If you cook up these mushrooms just right and apply some butter and seasoning, it tastes incredible!  Mahalo to Nate for showing us some cool morel mushrooms spots. We scored!

There is so much musical magic here in Minneapolis and little did we know that Prince lived in this same area and his main residence was about a few miles down the road from where we were staying.  You could feel Prince’s spirit and energy all throughout this place. It’s a pretty cool feeling with a hint of purple! So much good music vibes here in Minnesota.

I’ve also been learning a lot about agates and other rock forms as my friend Chase dabbles in the agate market.  Little did I know how rare and valuable agates can be!  I am a crystal child, so I’m automatically drawn to crystals and rocks which is perfect.  I’d really like to come back to Minnesota so I can agate hunt with Chase.  It will happen!!  Then in the winter time we will go back to Maui and hunt for sunrise and moonrise shells!  

On our last day in Minnesota, we picked more mushrooms, took a ride around the city and then went back to he house for a final bonfire.  The hospitality was amazing and I will be back to visit again, just not when it’s really cold which is like 5 months of the year.

Next stop is Eau Clair, Wisconsin! Thank you for reading and please let me know if you have any questions or would like to connect. 

Rapid City, South Dakota

We made it to Rapid City, South Dakota at 9:00PM on Saturday, April 29th.  Since Planet Fitness was closed already we decided to try to find a good place to park for the night.  We were able to find a parking lot right behind this little casino called “The Four Queens”.  As Adam and Christian were inside Appa watching Avatar, I decided to test my luck on some video poker.  After about and hour I came out with $10!  Better than nothing and definitely better than losing.  I went back to Appa and we decided to watch Star Wars Rogue One before going to bed.

We woke up around 10AM yesterday and after researching the top 10 things to do in Rapid City, the Reptile Garden was #1.  The reptile garden was amazing and definitely one of the coolest places I’ve been able to learn about different reptiles and birds.  We attended a 30 minute snake show, where the snake expert showed us non-venom and venomous snakes.  We visited 3 giant tortoises, played with some prairie dogs, said aloha to an owl, bald eagle and multiple parrots.  Basically, I faced a lot of my fears today because I absolutely do not like snakes, alligators, or crocodiles.  I was very open and receptive to these creatures today because I didn’t really have a choice.  I was surrounded!  They were pretty friendly though.

After the reptile garden we went to a Starbucks to soak up some wi-fi and figure out what we wanted to do next.  Adam had suggested that we go on a hike to Little Devil’s Trail, I believe it’s called.  It’s located about an hour out of Rapid City.  On our way to this hike, we decided to checkout Mount Rushmore as it was on the way.  We got to Mount Rushmore National Park around 5:30PM and we didn’t have to pay the gate fee which was pretty cool.  After being greeted by 3 white mountain goats, we parked Appa and walked up to see the monument.  Like people say, it’s a lot smaller than I had expected.  Regardless, it was a very cool site to see!  I love history and monuments, so it was an exciting time for me.

The drive up to Little Devil’s Trail was really beautiful!  There was a really cool cave tunnel that we had to drive through.  Luckily Appa was short enough to drive in it.  When we got to the trail parking lot, I started to see a lot of quartz crystal and was amazed how it was just sitting there.  I grabbed a handful and showed Christian and Adam.  The Little Devil’s Trail was a 3 mile hike roundtrip.  As we were about 1/4 of the way there, we found the most beautiful rose quartz crystal growing underneath a tree stump on the side of the hill.  We quickly went up to take a look and to our amazement there were lots of little raw quartz crystals!  We all got our fair share, trying not to be greedy and continued on our journey.  About 1/2 way on the trail, a steep incline started to build.  My breaths were getting shorter due to the elevation (6,800 ft.), but I was able to push myself and get to the top.  When we arrived, the scenery was breath taking!  You could see all of the beauty surrounding.  There were steep cliffs, lots of rocks, thousands of trees, and a cool breeze.

As Christian and Adam stayed to take it all in and do a meditation, I wanted to get back to the crystals, so I headed back.  On my walk, I was able to really dig deep within myself and get some answers to questions that I’ve had.  When you ask and then listen to your higher self, unimaginable things will come to fruition for you.  However, you can’t be scared of this or hold back because if you do then you will not benefit fully from the blessings that should bestowed upon you!  When you give out positivity and loving vibes into the universe, you will receive prosperity as there needs to be an even exchange or balance.  Let the universe take care of you because you are a spiritual being in a physical body and when you let go, that is when you truly find out why you are here on this place we call Earth.  Everyone is different and has different situations in life, but that is how it is supposed to be.  Without any obstacles or challenges, there is no reward.

We were supposed to drive to Minneapolis, Minnesota today, but due to the weather conditions it looks a lot better if were to stay in Rapid City for 1 more night and then leave tomorrow morning.  It wouldn’t be a nice drive going through crazy winds, rain and possible snow.  I’m currently sitting at a table next to a Starbucks cafe located within a Safeway.  I’m so thankful they have free wi-fi in here!  Now, I get to finish this blog so you could read it.
Again, mahalo for reading and if you have any suggestions or questions, just let me know and I’d be happy to connect!  Finally, I have a paid Tarot reading to do either today or within the next few days.  I’m so happy that higher spirit has given me the gift to connect and use Tarot as a tool to help many people with questions or clarification in their life.  Some Tarot readings were a lot clearer than others, but I believe it depends on how spiritually open that person is.  Eventually, I’d like to get a YouTube channel started for my Tarot readings.  Lots more to come!  Have a beautiful day!